Sculpture Design Group
President: Jeff Skelley
Vice President: Marty Skelley

Sculpture Design Group (SDG) is involved in the planning, design, engineering and manufacture of life-size and monumental bronze sculptures, statues, monuments, and those fountains which incorporate bronze sculpture in their design. Clients include architects, contractors, developers, landscape architects, and park and golf course design consultants.

There is a saying among artists and art connoisseurs, "Bronze is King." A bronze simply makes everything else around it look better. There are several reasons for this:

1) Beauty - The beauty that can be captured in bronze sculpture through the exquisite detail that it is capable of realizing evokes an unparalleled beauty that other mediums can't accomplish.

2) Strength and Longevity and Durability - Today we are bringing up 3000 year old bronze sculptures and bronze cannon from the seabed and other archeological sites. These pieces have survived elements of fire and flood, earthquake and salt seas. In every sense, a bronze sculpture is forever.

3) Symbol of Quality and Excellence - From Iwo Jima, to Paris, to the Statue of Liberty, to Washington's many historical monumental statues, and through trophies and awards, a bronze tribute is the ultimate symbol of excellence and achievement.

4) Value - A bronze gives distinction to its surroundings thereby enhancing the value of your properties. Because of the above characteristics, a bronze will never lose its value and its value to you as your symbol, your signature, and as your property, club or corporate identity.

Our team will study desirable traffic patterns and suitable areas in which to display your sculpture for maximum visibility and function. Once a concept is decided on, sketches of various designs are the first stage in the creation process. At this point, several different artists may contribute their expertise and designs. We then create a maquette or small version of the piece for your approval. Once the rough maquette design is finalized, a more detailed second maquette is sculpted. This second maquette will be enlarged to make the final life-size or monumental sculpture. This second maquette can be cast and offered as a separate edition of the large sculpture and can be used to generate income of its own. In many cases, profits from the sale of the maquette more than pay for the life-size or monumental created from it.

Being a sculptor himself, Jeff Skelley is familiar with the work of bronze foundries and the artists that utilize their services from Oregon to Texas and Mexico. He has an intimate knowledge of the stone quarry and stone fabrication business which is necessary to create fountains and pedestals which complement large bronzes. You can save valuable time and money by utilizing Jeff's intimate knowledge of these design industries. His former careers as Industrial Designer, Creative Director, and Construction Manager meld perfectly into the difficult position of not only designing, but bringing to completion the complex job of creating and installing a life-size or monumental bronze sculpture that will enhance your corporate image. He has knowledge of every aspect of this task. What can seem like a monumental project becomes simply an enduring monument.

Marty Skelley relies upon her experience in the fields of finance and marketing in the business management of Sculpture Design Group and Jeff Skelley Fine Western Bronzes. Marty holds an MBA in Business Management. She has held such positions as Financial Analyst, manager of Acquisitions and International Business Development, and Product Director in such corporations as Warner Lambert, Ziff Davis Publishing Company and Johnson & Johnson, as well as being President of a small manufacturing and import business.

Producing a large bronze is a team effort. The finished piece may take four months to a year so it is wise to start the process as soon as possible. Jeff and Marty Skelley work with an enlargement team, the fabricators of the armature, and the artisans who put the first layers of clay on the armature to build it up to accept the detail that the artist will add later. The molding, chasing and patina are also done by gifted professionals under the supervision of the artist. The stone quarry team will advise you on the best pedestal or base for your personally designed bronze sculpture. By utilizing the talents of our group which is already in place, we can save you time and money in your acquisition of a fine, timeless piece of art.


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